How we got started

Ethen, like many young adults, wanted a delicious drink without the usual drawbacks. He discovered his father's clever mix of vodka water and flavored water. Trying it out, he found it smooth and refreshing, without the usual side effects.

When Ethen shared it at a party, people loved the concept and the taste. Word spread quickly, and Crooz became popular, captivating drinkers everywhere.

the drinks

Meet the team

From high school buds to business partners, meet the faces behind your favorite beverage.

  • Ethen Lamp

    President and Chief Executive Officer helped Co-Found Crooz in 2022. Ethen is responsible for managing the team and finding opportunities to advance the brand. Before CROOZ, Ethen was a Realtor and Life and Health insurance professional. Ethen loves to spend his free time watching sports, specifically anything Notre Dame related. 

    Favorite Flavor: Green Apple

    Nickname: Marsh

  • Max Loibl

    Vice President, and Chief Financial Officer, helped Co-Found CROOZ in 2022. Max is responsible for all fiscal duties regarding the company. Before joining CROOZ, Max attended the University of Nebraska at Lincoln where he studied Finance and Math. However, beyond the realm of academia and business Max was found to be most passionate about his Nebraska Cornhuskers. 

    Favorite Flavor: Blue Raspberry 

    Nickname: Big Tex

  • Dillon McNeill

    Head of Marketing. Dillon joined the CROOZ team in January 2023 when his buddy Ethen presented the opportunity to him. Dillon is responsible for the Marketing and Merchandising functions of the business. Dillon is currently a senior at the University of Nebraska at Lincoln studying Marketing and Management. Dillon is also a life long Husker fan, but also enjoys competing in bike racing.

    Favorite Flavor: Blue Raspberry

    Nickname: Stu

  • Connor Crandall

    Head of Sales. Connor joined the CROOZ team in January 2023. Connor is responsible for finding the finest Bars and Restaurants to carry CROOZ. Connor is currently a senior at the University of Nebraska at Omaha studying Business Communications. Outside of school and CROOZ, Connor is extremely passionate about his Creighton Bluejays.

    Favorite Flavor: Fruit Punch

    Nickname: Sweet Al